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Tweets have a shelf life

I built Tweet Sweeper (@SweepYourTweets) because I find it weird that every tweet sticks around forever by default.

I love Twitter. It's where I find people discussing cutting-edge topics. It's where everyone is free to chime with a question or something to add.

It's the Internet's Town Square.

But I — and the times — constantly change. And if you haven't noticed, tweets never come with context.

I get a kick out of the old me. He's a constant reminder I'm always growing.

But on Twitter, I only need feedback on my current thoughts and ideas, not my old ones.

So that's what I built Tweet Sweeper to do. It runs in the background, deleting the shit old me said over a year ago.

If I come across a tweet I want to keep, I just tell Tweet Sweeper to hold onto it.

Simple as that.

If you want more detail, I've outlined the core features below.

If you're more of a "kick the tires" type, you're free to sign in/up with your Twitter account and check it out.*

When you're ready to start sweeping, it costs just $29/year.

Hope to see you around my Twittersphere.

Pete (@pbmarcano)

* If you decide Tweet Sweeper isn't for you, just sign out. Your data will self-destruct in 7 days without a paid subscription.

Delete your old and embarassing
tweets in minutes

Automatically delete old tweets

Most of what we tweet doesn't need to stick around forever. Even the most viral tweets only have a 24 hour shelf life.

Pick how long you want to hold onto your tweets. Whether its a week, month, or year — its up to you. We will scan your tweets twice per day and delete anything you consider "old."

If it sparks joy, Keep it!

See a tweet that so good you need to keep it? No problem. Save your favorite and timeless tweets so your profile always reflects your best self.

Just tap or click "Keep" on any tweet. It will be set aside for as long as you'd like.

Do a deep clean

Big Twitter user? If you have over 3,200 tweets, some tweets won't be on your timeline. But they'll still show up in a search!

By importing your Twitter Archive, Tweet Sweeper can sweep every last tweet. No stone left unturned.

Learn more →

Plus a few extra features to
help manage your Keeps


Looking for a something specific? Our built in search lets you find tweets quickly, making it effortless to curate your timeline.

Upcoming Sweeps Email

Every week, you'll get an email reminding you which tweets will be deleted during the week. One last chance to keep a tweet before it's gone.

One Click Pause

Need to stop sweeping tweets for a bit? You can always pause Tweet Sweeper with a single tap or click.

One Simple Plan

Want to try it first? Sign in for free and configure your account. We won't delete any tweets until you subscribe. Your Tweet Sweeper data will be nuked after 7 days if you don't.

What's included

  • Automatically delete old tweets

  • Pick tweets to keep

  • Delete archived tweets

  • Full-text search

  • Last chance notifications

  • Pause Tweet Sweeper any time

$29 / year

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question or concern? Tweet or DM it to @SweepYourTweets.

When exactly do my old tweets get deleted?
Tweet Sweeper deletes old tweets twice per day, at 00:00 and 12:00 GMT. If you're changing settings or picking tweets to keep, you'll likely have time to change your mind.
Is there any way to recover a deleted tweet?
No. That's the point of deleting them. If you want a copy of your old tweets, download your Twitter Archive first.
But what if I delete a really good tweet?!
Tweet it again! Give your new followers a chance to bask in it's glory.
I want to see the app but I don't want to delete any tweets yet.
Not a question, but don't worry. No tweets will be deleted until you subscribe and give us permission. You're free to sign up and setup your account for 7 days before subscribing.
Won't this damage my following/brand?
Followings are built with consistency, not history. People follow you because they want to hear what you have say next. Trolls just dig for dirt.
This sounds dumb, who would do something like this?
Turns out, a lot of people. Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke deletes his old tweets after a few years, and investor Michael Burry after 24 hours. Unfortunately, neither use Tweet Sweeper... yet.