Tidy up your Twitter profile in two clicks

Tweet Sweeper constantly deletes your old tweets so you can always be the new and improved you.

Tweets have a shelf life

I built Tweet Sweeper (@SweepYourTweets) because I find it weird that every tweet sticks around forever by default.

I love Twitter. It's where I find the cool people discussing the cool things. It's the place where I'm free to chime with a question or something to add.

It's the Internet's Town Square.

But I — and the times — constantly change. And if you haven't noticed, tweets never come with context.

Trust me, I get a kick out of old cringe me. He's that constant and friendly reminder I'm always growing.

But on Twitter, I only need feedback on my current thoughts and ideas, not my old ones.

So that's what I built Tweet Sweeper to do. It runs in the background, deleting the shit old me said over a year ago.

If I cross a tweet I'd like to keep, I just tell Tweet Sweeper to hold onto it.

Simple as that.

If you want more detail, I've outlined the core features below.

If you're more of a "kick the tires" type, you're free to sign in/up with your Twitter account and check it out.*

When you're ready to start sweeping, it costs just $29/year.

Hope to see you around my Twittersphere.

Pete (@pbmarcano)

* If you decide Tweet Sweeper isn't for you, just sign out. Your data will self-destruct in 7 days without a paid subscription.

Tweet in the moment

Happiness lives in the present. So does a good conversation.

Delete the old cringe

Most of what we tweet doesn't need to stick around forever. Even the best tweets only have a 24 hour shelf life.

A Tweet Retention Policy

Pick how long you want to hold onto your tweets. Whether its a week, month, or year — its up to you.

Pause the Sweeper

Need to stop sweeping for whatever reason? You can pause Tweet Sweeper with a single click.

Save the evergreens

Every once in a while, you say something super popular, impressive or timeless! Go you! Tweet Sweeper can keep specific tweets on Twitter for as long as you'd like.

Have it for Keeps

Not every tweet needs to get deleted! Tweet Sweeper offers a little "Keep" button for every tweet you want to keep long term.

Last chance emails

Tweet Sweeper sends a last chance email every Sunday, giving you a final warning on it's upcoming targets.