Tweet Sweeper has shut down :(

Twitter is a real-time global chatroom, but in reality it's more like a giant party where we have to scream over one another to be heard.

Also, everything we scream gets recorded forever by default. I thought that was weird, so I built Tweet Sweeper to automatically delete all my old tweets after a certain period of time.

But Twitter recently changed their API plans, rendering Tweet Sweeper useless unless I pay $5,000 per month for the privilege to delete old shitposts.

For a tiny side-project run by just me, this isn't sustainable. So I'm forced to shut it down.

For those of you who we're also using Tweet Sweeper: Thank you so so much your business, feedback, and support. I'm sorry I couldn't find a way to keep it running in the Elon era.

Going forward I will be working with a new social network. It's called Nostr and it's built to be open, portable, verifiable, flexible, inclusive, and (most importantly) decentralized so I don't have to worry about future Elons.

With any luck, our future social networks will have many smaller places we can connect and communicate with each other, with far less need for screaming.

Hope to see you there.


Twitter: @pbmarcano